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Soft Tissue Laser Gum Disease Therapy – Myrtle Beach, SC

Comfortable, Effective Treatment for Your Gums

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In order to treat gum disease, the harmful bacteria and infected tissues have to be removed from the patient’s mouth. In the past, that entailed a procedure called flap surgery in which the gum tissues are surgically pulled away from the teeth, exposing the teeth’s roots and hard-to-reach plaque. Then the calculus was removed using scraping hand instruments. With Dr. Markusen, you don’t have to undergo minor surgery to resolve gum disease. Instead, we use a soft tissue laser to get rid of the infection and help you get back on track with your oral health.

Why Choose for Soft Tissue Laser Gum Disease Therapy?

  • Dedicated to Your Comfort
  • Dentist with More Than 40 Years of Experience
  • Caring, Skilled Dental Team

Why Treat Gum Disease

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Early on, the symptoms of gum disease can seem small and insignificant, but the truth is that this inflammatory condition can cause serious damage both to your smile and to your overall well-being. Did you know that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss? Also, the bacteria that affect your gums can also enter your bloodstream and travel throughout your body, exacerbating systemic issues. For example, studies have shown that these bacteria can significantly increase your risk of a cardiovascular event and contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s. If your gums are red, swollen, and bleeding, don’t wait to get treated!

Benefits of Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

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Addressing gum disease with a soft tissue laser has many advantages over traditional methods, including the following:

  • Elimination of harmful bacteria from teeth and tissue pockets.
  • Little bleeding.
  • Ability to be adjusted according to the patient’s needs.
  • Faster healing from less invasive methods.
  • Precision that preserves healthy tissue.

Dr. Markusen and the rest of our team want to make gum disease treatment as painless, stress free, and effective as possible, and our soft tissue laser allows us to do just that!

How Soft Tissue Lasers Treat Gum Disease

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Dr. Markusen can use the soft tissue laser to access deep pockets of infected tissue without resorting to more invasive techniques. This precise instrument also targets and kills the bacteria, avoiding healthy tissue. The tartar buildup is removed, and finally the laser energy incites the stem cells in the pocket to form new connective tissues and bone, helping you heal and recover sooner.

Are you among the millions of Americans who have gum disease? Contact our team to get your appointment scheduled today!